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As the sounds of warmer weather re popping up all around me, it makes me even more excited to share our latest issue Life with Teens with you.

We're so pleased to be working with STEMconnector to produce our first-ever Guide to STEM Programs and bring STEM awareness to today's teens.

Throughout its pages, you will not only find a comprehensive list of STEM programs, schools, and colleges, but also many organizations - including STEMconnector - that promote increased STEM education and teen involvement. 

College—Deadlines, Details, and Unexpected Fun

Whether you’re a sophomore, junior, or even a senior who is thinking of applying to college, working your way through the process can be both frightening (due to the work it entails) and exhilarating.

It’s finally spring!
Now that the winter is behind us, I am very motivated to hit the streets with my new running shoes, take in a round of golf with my husband, and attend that extra exercise class.

Overnight summer programs and camps provide inspiring environments packed with self-discovery, friendship, adventure, and fun. At TeenLife we believe these summer experiences are beneficial for both parents and teenagers alike. Whether the program is academic, arts-oriented, packed with sports and adventure, or

Once an anomaly in the world of education, taking a gap year has grown in popularity. Gap year programs provide students with the unique opportunity to learn valuable life lessons, engage in self-exploration, and in many instances develop a clearer direction for college studies.