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Kate Zurich

Caregiver Support Specialist and Program Planning
Kate Zurich

Ms Zurich has over 35 years of experience using innovative tools and strategies to foster healthy lifestyles, nurture relationships, and support communities. She has worked with hundreds of clients, patients and families to help them access information and useful personal skills to navigate the changes of life through birth, parenting, illness and death.

Ten years ago she created a caregiver support program with local non profit providers that offers information, support, and assistance to caregivers, and facilitates cooperative sharing between caregivers in their journey caring for a loved one. She was instrumental in developing Project Continuum C.A.R.E. (Caring for At Risk Elders), a local collaborative program that supports safe transitions as elders return home after hospitalization.

It is her passion to help individuals find the help they need, drawing upon their own inner resources as well as accessing needed community services and information. Ms Zurich is deeply committed to working with caregivers, families, and communities to develop supports and services that best meet the needs of our growing elder population. She is trained as a physician assistant, co-counselor, and associate polarity practitioner, currently in clinical practice in geriatric medicine; she also has a private coaching practice.

Kate Zurich's Expert Answers

This is a question for the healthcare provider. It is also a good idea to ask the pharmacist about possible drug interactions every time a new medication is prescribed. Many pharmacists are also offering an annual medication review for patients who are on Medicare. This is a Medicare covered benefit at no charge to the patient, so be sure to ask your pharmacist about it.

1) Remove all throw rugs from living area 2) Install grab bars and hand rails in frequently trafficked areas and in the bathroom