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How do I get my child to listen?

The Lancer Answer:  Modeling is our greatest influence upon our children. The better you listen to your child and around your child the better of a listener your child will be.  We teach our kids to NOT listen by paying too little attention to them, to the point that we overlook their non-verbal cues and fail to hear them when they speak softly and politely.

How do I get my child to do what I want him/her to do?

The Lancer Answer: CALMLY AND CONSCIOUSLY.  The moment you begin to feel frustrated, you set yourself up for a combative response from your child.  Pay close attention to what happens as you direct your child.  If you don't like the results, instead of blaming the child for not cooperating, calmly and confidently step back and consider what your child needs right now and how you can contribute to that outcome.

Robin Fox

Why are open adoptions more common?

We have learned that it is in the best interest of all parties to have as few secrets as possible.  In the past, many adoptions were "closed" and sometime children were not even aware that they were adopted.  We know now that children who know as early as possible that they were adopted are emotionally more secure than those who find out later in life.

Robin Fox

What is an open adoption?

Two terms that are usually used in adoption are "open" and "closed" but defining these are difficult and there is much variance.  An open adoption usually means that the birth family chooses the forever family.  It may also mean that the birth family and the forever family meet prior to, during or even after the child is born.  In some open adoptions the birth family and the forever family continue communication throughout the child's life.

It is really difficult for my 8-year-old son to sit still unless he is playing with Lego’s or blocks, which he can do for really long periods of time...

 How do I get him to sit still at dinner and his teacher complains he gets out of his desk too often. Should I be concerned he is hyper active?

My 2-½ year old son can read at 2nd grade level. He reads everything he sees, like labels, store names, etc. He will read pages to me in a book that he likes when I read to him. Do you have suggestions on what to do with a genius kid?

Your child seems to certainly have a real gift for language. First, providing books, any reading materials and vocabulary to follow his own interests would be the direction I’d suggest. Following his interests is important, especially since he is so young.