Parenting and Child Care Experts

Our child care experts have backgrounds of 20 or more years in childhood learning, school-age/summer camp, education, and more.

Our experts will be participating in Webinars, Blogs, discussions on the Forums, and Ask the Experts.

Brain and Learning

Constant Hine is a nationally-recognized dynamic, motivational and inspirational speaker, coach, adult educator, consultant and author.

She is a learning specialist with expertise in multiple intelligence, transformational learning using brain-based learning practices, child development and implementing diverse teaching strategies with both children and adults in early childhood settings.

Robin Fox

Robin Fox is a mom of two children who were adopted.  One of her daughters was born in Guatemala and her other daughter was adopted through a domestic (within the United States) adoption.  Professionally, Robin has degrees in Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and Curriculum and Instruction.


Bob Lancer's expertise in parenting education and counseling is unique and uniquely effective in a number of ways.  By focusing on BOTH child and adult personal development, he helps parents recognize how THEY need to grow to produce better results with their children.  Another unique element of his parenting education is its Montessori-basis.  Bob is extraordinary at helping parents understand the basic Montessori principles of child behavior and development, and how to incorporate those pri

Disaster & Emergency Preparation

Beryl Cheal is the founder and senior trainer and consultant with Disaster Training International, (501(c)(3) nonprofit. She is an educator with over 50 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, consultant and trainer in various settings.