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Constant Hine

Brain and Learning

Constant Hine is a nationally-recognized dynamic, motivational and inspirational speaker, coach, adult educator, consultant and author.

She is a learning specialist with expertise in multiple intelligence, transformational learning using brain-based learning practices, child development and implementing diverse teaching strategies with both children and adults in early childhood settings.

Constant provides training and coaching for parents and teachers to foster quality interactions, respectful relationships and meaningful individualized, strength-based learning experiences to engage children and ensure successful outcomes, including helping children be ready for school and schools to be ready for young children. She has an MA in Teaching/ECE from Nova University in Ft.Lauderdale, FL.

She has over 25 years experience in the field of education She has been a classroom teacher, (working with 2 year olds to high school students). As a supervisor, program evaluator, coach and adult educator she has had the opportunity to work with children, teachers, families, and school programs throughout North America.

She has owned her own educational consulting company Horizons In Learning since 1988 and currently lives in Denver, CO.

Constant Hine's Expert Answers

 How do I get him to sit still at dinner and his teacher complains he gets out of his desk too often. Should I be concerned he is hyper active?

Your child seems to certainly have a real gift for language. First, providing books, any reading materials and vocabulary to follow his own interests would be the direction I’d suggest. Following his interests is important, especially since he is so young.