Bob Lancer


Bob Lancer's expertise in parenting education and counseling is unique and uniquely effective in a number of ways.  By focusing on BOTH child and adult personal development, he helps parents recognize how THEY need to grow to produce better results with their children.  Another unique element of his parenting education is its Montessori-basis.  Bob is extraordinary at helping parents understand the basic Montessori principles of child behavior and development, and how to incorporate those principles into positive, practical parenting skills that release the great potential of the child, the parent, and their relationship. Another special element of Bob’s parenting education is his background in marriage and family dynamics, which he uses to help parents understand how to improve their relationship with one another for improved child behavior.  Finally, Bob Lancer brings to his parenting work a life-long study of personal success and achievement wisdom.  He incorporates this into his parenting work by helping parents lead lives of balance and success in support of their family goals.  Bob works with all segments of the population ranging from extremely wealthy families to those living in homeless shelters, drug rehab centers and even in jails.  Bob Lancer is the parenting expert for the Atlanta Public Schools Cable TV Network.  For 15 consecutive years he hosted his own WSB radio show, Bob Lancer's Parenting Solutions, broadcasting to 35 states.  He’s the author of the best selling book, Parenting With Love, Without Anger or Stress.  He’s also authored hundreds of articles on child behavior and development, marriage harmony and personal achievement and he’s created dozens of audio and video recordings on parenting, relationships and self-empowerment.  He speaks regularly to schoolteachers to motivate them to bring greatness into their classrooms every day, to school students on creating an anti-bullying culture, and to highschoolers on how to make their dreams come true and make a positive difference in the world.  Bob also trains preschool teachers and childcare professionals in Montessori-based positive child behavior guidance skills, leadership and teambuilding.  Bob also has a rich business background through which he provides professional development and “family team building at work” seminars to businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes, including Fortune 100 companies.  He routinely presents his advice through local and national TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. He is also a parent and former schoolteacher.

Bob Lancer's Expert Answers

The Lancer Answer:  Modeling is our greatest influence upon our children. The better you listen to your child and around your child the better of a listener your child will be.  We teach our kids to NOT listen by paying too little attention to them, to the point that we overlook their non-verbal cues and fail to hear them when they speak softly and politely.

The Lancer Answer: CALMLY AND CONSCIOUSLY.  The moment you begin to feel frustrated, you set yourself up for a combative response from your child.  Pay close attention to what happens as you direct your child.  If you don't like the results, instead of blaming the child for not cooperating, calmly and confidently step back and consider what your child needs right now and how you can contribute to that outcome.