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The Sequester: Beyond a Threatening Gesture

May 1, 2013

Be careful of what you ask for, for you just might get it. Of course, nobody really ASKED for the sequester. It was meant to be an option so dire that Congress, the White House and many others couldn’t imagine would actually go into effect. Some other solution would certainly be found because they knew how irresponsible the sequester was. But into effect it went. And may be for a long time.

Fiscal Cliff Notes

Aging in America: A Capital View

Those who pay some attention to national news and politics have heard such terms as “fiscal cliff,” “discretionary spending,” and “sequester” or “sequestration.”  They also likely know there was a flurry of activity in Congress and at the White House this past December to avoid having the nation fall off the so-called “fiscal cliff.” They may also know that with a collective sigh of relief we stopped right at the cliff’s edge. The fiscal cliff was averted. Or was it?

Of Sandy, Nor’easters, Elections & Sequesters

Over 100 million Americans are expected to vote in today’s Presidential Elections. But that total may not include thousands of Americans who live in the New Jersey and New York communities hardest hit by last week’s superstorm Sandy, unless they are among the 30 million citizens who had already voted by absentee ballot or early voting. And this is likely to be especially true for older voters, who have the highest voting rates but are among the most vulnerable in disasters, including those wrought by Mother Nature.

Frankenstorm & Election Day

Frankenstorm & Election Day - Today I launch my new blog providing you with information – news, facts and opinion, hopefully well-informed opinion, about aging in America. Mostly I will comment about national policy affecting the nation’s elderly, their caregivers and their families. But I will also write about matters that both interest me and that I think will – or ought to – interest you.