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About Our Company

Since 2006, our goal has been to provide families with a fast and easy way to navigate through our giant collection of resources including locations like childcare centers, nursing homes even mental health clinics.

We have a combined 30 years of experience as social workers, geriatric care specialist and web developers in creating an place that provides valuable information for those seeking advice and local resources.

Quality resources at your fingertips, when you need them.

Our FREE mobile app provides an easy way for you to find local providers and helpful articles through your phone or tablet.

You can search within 5 or 10 mile radius from your device to locate providers in your area.

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Resources & topic-related Articles and Tips focused on:

child_friendly Parenting
group Adult & Elder Care
school Education
local_hospital Health & Medical
nature_people Everyday Living
group_add Family Assistance

Our Services


Our API allows you to create the kind of software your company needs—giving your programmers the flexibility to design and develop the best way to deliver information to your clients through the web or mobile apps.


Our mobile app provides an easy way to find local providers and helpful articles through your mobile device. Our co-branded app provides the same great features as Caresquad’s but with your look and feel. 

Work Life Consulting Services

We can evaluate both your EAP and WorkLife Programs to determine if you're using best practices and are “nationally competitive” with other outstanding EAP’s.

Application & App Development

We work with multiple technologies at all levels of application development. We can work with you in updating your current system or design you custom tools from the ground up. We also offer custom mobile app development and mobile application design.

Creative Services

We offer our clients design and marketing services including websites, email campaigns, printed collaterals, convention materials and multi-media presentations focused on the worklife industry.

Other WorkLife Consulting

We offer several different consulting options that include: Webinars, Needs Assessments, Focus Groups, On site Child Care Center Development – Feasibility Studies & Implementation, Back-up programs, Geriatric Care Management and Elder Transition Program.

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Latest Info

caresquad API

Have a great idea for an app or website and not sure where to get your resources from?

Our REST API instantly gives developers the foundation they need to create nationwide locators focused on Senior Care, Child Care, Health & Medical and more.

Read more about our REST API >>
PEPM calculator

Our Pricing Calculator

We offer competitive pricing for clients based on there employee or member size and priced by Per Employee Per Month (PEPM).

Our data packages allow you to select only the topic groups you need.

Caresquad demo screen

Need to see it working?

Let us show you our Provider Locator in action, which is one example of what can be built with our API.

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